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The front windshield imo will look horrible if tinted on your car. I had 20% all around on my other car, had to have it changed when i moved states, i still hate the way it looks, but i don't care to change it now.

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35% and 20% on white car.

20 tint on white car. Window tint before and after: 20% all around (no tint on the windshield), black interior. 35% on a dark slate and the cop nabs me for it.

Difference between 20 and 35 window tint it gives your car a smooth look with many advantages. I got xpel 30 or 35% (can’t remember) on the side windows and with my white interior you can’t really tell to much visually. That only looks good on trucks and certain high riding suv's but it's your car so do what makes you happy.

20 tint on white car. I really don't like the way the mismatched tints look, i'd rather a uniform look. However, i know some ppl that still do 20% without police pulling them over.

I don't have any trouble seeing at night. I took this photo on a sunny summer day around noon and in the sun. To start all over click here.

35% looks darker when sun hits @ certain angle. I had 20% on a black car, never got stopped for it, though i could barely see late at night. The legal amount of tinting of any car window is measured by its light transmittance (lt), the amount of light that can pass through the tinted windows.

Right now it's either i get 35%, 30%, or 20% tint on my car. I live in toronto (canada), and they say the legal tint limit is 35% here. I would suggest 20% with the bright white interior and maybe 30% for black interior.

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However, for aesthetic purposes, we think that a 20% tint will look best. Many times in my white 4runner i clearly got zapped for speeding and saw the cop look up at me as i pass and they didnt come after me. Window tint before and after:

I went with 35% all around, instead of 35/20. Twenty percent window shade tint is also called factory tint. If anyone has a white civic, can you please post a pic of your tint?

15 for the side and rear windows. Optical clarity, no hazy, foggy. Lets get started by selecting which windows you are getting done:

20 window tint on white car. Then again that's because of speed. Any tint will look good on a white car as the darkened glass will contrast nicely with the bright paint.

But if i could have my way i woulda done 20 all aroudn. I'm planning to get my tints on my new white ex sedan soon. Im 100% certain i lucked out not getting at least 6 tickets the same exact way.

Window tint laws ensure tinted car windows have a low enough light transmittance to allow for driver visibility. Lexen puremax 2ply supreme nano carbon 20 x 100ft roll window tint film auto car (20% dark shade) 2ply 1.5mil supreme quality nano carbon automotive window film. Of course, window tint won't just improve the look of your vehicle, it helps keep the inside temperature comfor.

On my old cars, i used to have limo all the way around. If you have photos, please do post.it would be incredibly helpful!!! Either way i'm sure it will look great.

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Ready to tint your vehicle? 20 is dark but u can still see inside the car. Text us for an appointment:

Don't get me wrong, it was always cooler inside the car and you couldn't see anything that i might have left out in the open, but it was just such a pain in the ass the drive at night. But our jsw is solarguard(27)35% all around, its a nice balance. The 20% i have on my aspen white looks perfect (imho).

Want to compare car window tint shades? I think i might just go 20% front and rear windows and 5% rear windshield. Real nice quality tint film.

I also didn’t have them bother with the rear window because there were reports of cracking around when i got my car. It is dark enough to give you that black and white contrasting look without being illegal. Velocity blue maverick xlt with 20% tint and 245/65/17 tires.

30% tint is a light tint and is generally acceptable. But on a white car or truck the blacked out windows look the best and sometimes it can save you from getting a ticket if they think you are a fellow officer. 35 side and 20 back.

Title says it all.35% or 20% tint on an 09 335i alphine white coupe. [/quote] yea i really wish i coulda done the 20 mayb even darker all around but jersey law doesnt allow any tint on the front, so from that stand point im happy that the difference in darkness is the way it is. This beauty belongs to @kxtrain.

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