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Wife’s ac on ’06 corolla was not blowing cold enough air so i bought a/c pro recharge kit and refilled the system. Since the ac compressor is driven by the engine, it doesn’t pump as much refrigerant when you’re at a stop or driving slowly.

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It sounds like your ac unit could be overheating or even damaged.

Car ac blowing hot air when idle. The fans could actually be broken, like a burnt out motor, bad mount a chipped fan blade, or they could simply have an electrical problem like a blown fuse or burnt out relay. But unlike all the previous times, yesterday there was also a burning smell. When i'm at a red light or idling or driving slow very long my ac starts blowing warm air and my engine will over heat.

It is also possible that there is a problem with the ac compressor. The ac is now cold but only when the. Not sure what the problem could be, some help would be great.

At this point, i would usually drive away the block, and the ac would start back blowing cool air. This problem is a known issue, see bulletin no.: Your ac system is low on refrigerant.

The first time it did this my car temp gauge was at hot and started smoking, i turned the engine off and got out and it looked like all the water was running out from. One thing you can do is to see what happens when you rev the motor at standstill. Ac cycles on and off, i had the freon evacted and recharged, it did not fix the problem checked all the blend doors their working good,as soon as i start driveing again it starts blowing ice cold.

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Get your system refrigerant level checked. If the a/c isn’t blowing cold air when the car is idling, this is an indication that there may be a problem with the ac system high pressure hose. The purpose of the high pressure hose is to increase and decrease ac pressure during different driving conditions.

So yesterday, i sat in my car with it idle and the ac blowing for about 30 minutes. The coolant supply is blocked if the heater has a tap for supplying coolant to the radiator, then this is closed or jammed because of rust. Car blows warm air when idling.

#2 cause of ac blows warm at idle. Inadequate airflow over the condenser may cause this condition. If it starts cooling, i'd suggest low refrigerant or compressor problem.

Check whether the electrical connections for the condenser fan is connected and seated firmly. My ac blows ice cold going down the road but while im at idle or siting at a traffic light it blows warm. Also when at idle, open the bonnet, and check whether the fan behind the radiator turns on.

An auto ac has two limiting factors when the car is at idle. Your ac doesn’t stop working most likely but it does lose much of its capacity. If there is an insufficient amount of air flow, the unit will heat up, and then eventually turn off.

When the car was moving the ac stayed on apparently because the alternator was supplying a greater power source. When idling the compressor is rotating slower and the expansion valve closes slightly to keep the pressure constant at the evaporator. If the system is low on refrigerant, it will show up as ac blows warm at idle and blows colder when the engine is running at higher rpms.

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When the compressor is rotating faster the expansion valve opens more. Ac units have a sensor that will turn them off automatically to prevent damage from overheating. I released pressure at idle until it was at 40psi at idle and was constantly blowing warm air at all rpms.

Inoperative electric radiator cooling fans are a very common reason for “hot air at idle, cold air while driving. I checked the pressure this morning and it read 35psi. Rev the motor at ~2500rpm for at least a minute and see what happens.

Air in the cooling system impedes the circulation of coolant in the system, and as a result, the heater blows hot air only when driving, and cold air at idle. I had the problem of the ac going on and immediately off when idling but worked when the car was driving. When it was showing the high pressure at idle the compressor was working and fan was on.

The first will typically only affect vehicles with mechanical belt driven fans. The outside temp was around 90. Or worse yet, you come out to start the car one day, turn on the ac and it's blowing barely cold air when it was fine just yesterday.

What you can do is check whether the electric cooling fan that sits beside the condenser is running. The engine turns the compressor. A/c stops cooling and blows warm air when the vehicle is idling for an extended period of time such as sitting in traffic.

The faster the rpm the faster the compress. Asked by oaksmommy09 in abingdon, va on september 30, 2015. Then, gradually, you began to notice that it wasn't really blowing cold air anymore, or that it would only blow cold when the car was moving but not at idle.

I already brought it to the dealer and advised me to change the compressor (1300$) and also as per the dealer it has no leak. I concluded that when idling the compressor was not getting enough power from the battery to handle the load and was shutting off as a safety measure. If the expansion fails to close slightly when idling the pressure falls off.

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When idle, the ac will work just fine and eventually start to blow hot air. But if you are 100% positive that the wording is correct, there are few logical reasons. Like having a blocked condenser, having broken cooling fans can cause a lack of cooling at your condenser and could cause your car ac blowing hot air.

So your car's ac was doing fine for the longest time.

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