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When i drive the car, and get it moving 30 mph or so, the high side reading drops to under 100 psi, along with the loss of cool air. Completing the coolant level with the same type of coolant represents an easy and quick fix.

Why Your Ac Is Not Blowing Cold Air When Idle – The Vehiclecare

When i stop the car, and idle it, the cold air returns.

Car ac not cold when idle. If your car ac pauses the flow of air when idling but turns back on when you begin to move, the first place you should turn your eyes is the motor fans. Condensing fans are both blowing at low speed, it's about 80 degrees outside. I had that not so cool air when the car was sitting idle until i got to moving.

My 2005 gmc sierra always used to blow ice cold, now it blows only slightly cool when driving and a little cooler when idle/not moving. Your ac system is low on refrigerant. You should check the system from time to time and keep an eye on some components that can cause the problem.

If the car is moving, the air conditioning system will not require a secondary cooler. Bring the car to a stop, the high side goes up to 300 psi. The most common reason for now blowing cold air is condenser, when it not working, your car will not blow cold air.

It also may be due to the thermal efficiency of the condensers. Your car ac relies heavily on the motor fans to circulate the flow of freon when the car is at rest. I think some of you are just experiencing normal activity.

Discussion starter · #1 · oct 3, 2020. Keeping this in consideration, why is my ac not cold when idling? The only way your gonna know whats wrong is to take it to a shop and have them hook the machine up and see if the pressures are low or not.

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I have not had a chance to get pressure readings yet. R134a needs higher compression than r12 and it needs a lot of air going across the condenser to overcome the heat outside. What you can do is check whether the electric cooling fan that sits beside the condenser is running.

The reason for a bad cooling fan affects the air conditioner so significantly is the fact that heat coming from freon (refrigerant) is usually cooled when it is passing from the condenser. Poor maintenance is the main culprit for car ac not blowing cold air when idle. Since the ac compressor is driven by the engine, it doesn’t pump as much refrigerant when you’re at a stop or driving slowly.

I know ac performance is somewhat ambient temperature dependent, but if it is below 90 or cloudy/late in the day, the ac is at least 6 degrees colder on average and i'm quite comfortable in the car. Check whether the electrical connections for the condenser fan is connected and seated firmly. The high and low side gauge readings are normal, around 300/35 psi.

If the high side is really high at idle with a hot engine, then you need to check if the condensor fan is kicking on and running as well as check for simple compressor operation. There are 4 reasons for this. A defective condenser fan the cooling fan in the condenser is the first thing that you should look into while finding out the reason for car air conditioner not blowing cold air when idling.if the fan is damaged or cannot run with its full force, it cannot cool down the heat coming from the freon (refrigerant) through the condenser.

An overheated engine is another common reason for blowing not so cool air in idle conditions. It is common to observe loose ends of various. 4 reasons why the car ac not blowing cold air when idle

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I can see the compressor spinning and it does not stop, so its not the compressor kicking on and off. If it’s not cooling at idle, but cools when you accelerate or are driving at 1500 rpm engine speed or more, than that’s a pretty sure sign the system is low on refrigerant. When you are stopped, the only airflow over the condenser fins is provided by the electric fans.

The ac compressor may not be pumping sufficiently at slower rpm's (revolutions per minute). A low coolant level in the tank represents the main reason why you don’t have hot air in the cabin, it is not just related when the engine is idling, however, this can be the reason why your heater blows cold air at idle. This is another reason for a car ac not blowing cold when idling.

I checked the pressures, they are good. At speed, you have a steady and strong airflow, which carries more heat away from the fins, giving you cooler air temps. Mostly the compressor of the air conditioner transfer heat from the radiator to the condenser, if your car has become over heated and heat transfers alter efficiency, your car air conditioner will stop blowing cold air when it is idle.

I’ll assume that the heater control valve is fully shutoff (if not then that’s the 1st thing to fix). In turn helping the ac get colder. At idle, air is just not cold, once you start driving, it cools down.

And it is true you have a high and low pressure switch, and the adjust with vehicle rpm. So when in idle your ac doesnt blow cold because it's in low pressure, and your crank is turning slower. Get your system refrigerant level checked.

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If the internals is heated then no matter how good your car ac is, it is bound to malfunction. #2 cause of ac blows warm at idle. Why is air conditioning not as cold at idle.

My ac is only cold at idle or low rpms, when i rev engine up stops blowing cold but the compressor clutch never disengage , freon level is not low and a. Heat transfer from the radiator to the condenser can alter efficiency, if the car is overheating. High side should be over 200psi and low side around 30ish psi.

If the system is low on refrigerant, it will show up as ac blows warm at idle and blows colder when the engine is running at higher rpms.

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