Why Is My Car Ac Blowing Hot Air On One Side

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Inside this water valve there are some plastic seals that over time desintegrate and allow hot coolant to seep trough and cause your symptoms. Discussion starter · #1 · apr 15, 2011.

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Most of today's cars and trucks have the ability to blow different air temperatures form the drivers and passenger side.

Why is my car ac blowing hot air on one side. By the time the cold air makes it to the driver's side, it has picked up a lot of heat, and you feel the difference. What kind of car make and model is it? There are two common causes of a temperature difference when both sides are set at the coldest settings, lets cover the first one.

My 2005 tahoe hava ac giving hot air problem. I was having the problem a couple months ago but it wasn’t hot enough outside for me to really notice. It was the blender door ac.

I just turned on the a/c in my driveway without starting the car, and after 45 seconds it was still blowing warm air out of all the vents. Typically in this model without dual air, warm on one side and cold on the other is usually a tale tale sign of low freon (r134a) charge. On my mothers 2000 e430 she's getting warmer air out of the right half of her vents than the very cold air coming from the right side vents.

The other possibility is that you have a. I have cool air blowing on the passenger side and warm air blowing on the driver side. The evaporator core is on the passenger side of the vehicle on most makes, so that is why you get cold air on the passenger side.

That is assuming you wanted cold air on the drivers side. What really baffles me is that i will feel the driver side vent temp drop for a few minutes and then climb again to 14c/57f. “why is my 2007 toyota camry ac blowing hot on the driver side while blowing cold on the passenger side?” most likely the blend air door motor for the drivers side vents has failed.

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The outside air temp was 32c/90f, and the passenger vent was blowing 9c/48 while the driver was blowing 14c/57f. There are two possible scenarios that could be causing your problem: The dealer says it's indicative of a evaporator core having a leak.

As crazy as it sounds, i have had a low refrigerant charge in the a/c system as a cause of this, so it may just be that your a/c needs to be recharged. If it does not move with the adjustments and commands, there is a problem with the blend door actuator and it will need to be replaced. My ac has also been blowing warm on the driver side.

You will see two silver rods going from the actuators (mounted on the top and bottom of the heater/a/c programmer) turn key on (engine off) turn the a/c heater control on. I measured the temps from the vents yesterday. If you experience the symptom of the ac blowing hot or cold air on one side but not the other and it’s accompanied by a clicking or ticking sound, it probably means a gear in the temperature blend door actuator is faulty and the actuator needs to be replaced.

Only reason why i'm wondering if it has anything to do at all with the refrigerant is because the result is the same with the ac button turned off. Turn the car off crank the car turn ac on drivers side to 60 passenger side to 90 press auto wait 1 minute turn ac off (very important) turn car off turn car back on switch driver's side 90 passenger 60 press auto wait one minute turn ac off ( very important). It took a really hot day here in the northeast to really expose the problem.

Quoted me about $4500.00 to do it. The most common causes behind an air conditioner blowing hot air on only one side will be a bad actuator, electrical issues, device settings, battery issues, or refrigerant issues. Ac would suddenly blow hot air just on the driver's side while the passenger side still blew cold.

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They can be diagnosed with an advanced scan tool. I had a similar issue on my old honda accord with dual climate control. If not then it’s the passenger side tha.

The only way to correct it was to turn the car off and back on and then it would immediately start blowing cold again. Blend door actuators are the most common reason for the car air conditioning to blow cold air on one side and hot air on the other. Air conditioner only blowing cold on one side after.

If all the basic a/c and heater systems are functioning properly, then a problem with one of the temp doors is most likely the cause. I’m currently at 37 months and 17,000 miles. Heard a crunch and a piece of plastic fell out near my foot.

As you can see there are 2 chambers on this valve, when you want hotter air on one side one of those chambers controls the flow of hot coolant and helps regulate temperature. There is simply not enough freon. Even in automatic modes, passenger is blowing warm air and driver cool.

Its definitely the blender door that moves to select or mix the cold and hot air. Why the ac blows cold on one side and hot on the other Automotive air conditioners which use 134a, usually hold a small amount of refrigerant compared to older automobiles that use r12.

Diagnose and fix blows cold one side, hot on other side in a vehicle with dual temperature controls you may encounter a situation where the vent blows cold one side, hot on other side or vice versa. This situation can be caused by a bad blend door (also called air mix) actuator, a broken or binding blend/air mix door, broken linkage to the blend/air mix door, or a faulty hvac control head or. So why is the car air conditioner blowing hot air on one side?

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My friend was driving my '99 e430 and he said when he turned on the a/c, the drivers side vents were blowing lukewarm air, while the passenger side vents were blowing cool air, just as they should. 2008 vehicle, so i don't have that level of granularity on the temperature control. But a system that is 1/2 pound low will cause the passenger side vents to blow cool or cold air, and the drivers side to be less cool or even warm on this car.

Remove the glove box and the close out panel under the dash on the passenger side. I called honda corporate and they told me to basically suck on a.

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